Oil and Gas Fire Protection

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Off-shore oil platforms, oil pumping stations, refineries, gas processing plants, LNG receiving facilities… oil & gas facilities represent significant fire hazards, NanoTech has coatings that can achieve the fire ratings to protect your assets and people.

Passive Fire Protection

Coatings Technology

Our Nano Shield coating can fireproof your structures to meet the necessary fireproofing standards.

Fireproof to 1,800° C, spray on from an airless sprayer, adheres with virtually no surface prep, NOT an intumescent coating


NanoTech's Nano Shield technology can fireproof up to 1,800°C at 3mm thickness

There are numerous benefits to the coating:

Fireproof to 1,800°C
Passes FTP 2010 and L1
No reportable VOCs
Sprayable from an airless sprayer
Adheres with little to no surface prep

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Certification Process

Many applications need certifications on the substrate that needs fire protection.



We will work with your team to identify the proper certifications needed for your application


Once the rating or certification is identified, we can advise whether additional testing is needed or if current ratings work for the identified job


Once testing is complete, our team can work with your to apply the coating using our network of field service personnel

Nano Shield Protecting an Egg

High Emissivity and Low Thermal Conductivity

Nano Shield works on virtually any substrate by reflecting heat away and creating a shield of molecules with low thermal conductivity