NanoTech and Ace Hardware Announce Distribution Agreement

NanoTech and Warrior Ace Hardware, a supplier of specialty products for the commercial and residential building industry, are happy to announce a new distribution agreement.

Nanotech, Inc., is one of the newest companies in the United States to merge material science innovations with the fire protection and insulation markets.

Since 2009 the fire deaths per thousand have increased 4% and NanoTech, Inc. with their Nano Shield line of products is working to reverse that trend.

Larry Grantham, Co-Owner, Warrior Ace

“One of the first things we look for whenever we are seeking new distribution agreements is:

  1. Do the products work?
  2. Are they superior to the products currently on the market?

NanoTech, Inc. is a resounding Yes to both of those questions.”

Warrior Ace can provide its partner community with groundbreaking technology in the Fire prevention market in addition to energy cost savings through their insulator products.

Mike Francis – CEO, NanoTech

“Ace Hardware has close to 100 years of distribution and retail experience.  We are excited to partner with such a respected brand to get us one step closer to saving a tremendous amount of lives, protecting infrastructure, and reducing energy consumption.”

NanoTech is a material science company which develops advanced materials for fire proofing and insulation applications.  Their technology fireproofs to over 3,300 F, is environmentally friendly, sprayable, produces virtually no smoke or flame spread and is one of the top commercial insulating material available on the market.

NanoTech recently closed their seed funding of $5MM in December of 2020 led by Ecliptic Capital. They are also the first startup selected to be part of the new clean energy accelerator in Halliburton called Halliburton Labs.

NanoTech have successfully embedded their molecule into paints, epoxy, resins, composites, gypsum, cement, silicone, plastics and more.  Once embedded the media becomes fireproof and/or insulating.  Their coating insulates at R4/mm on average.

They are currently testing with 35 Fortune 500s and are scaling their operations.  Below are videos of Nano Shield in action.

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