Emits the Heat Away + Reflects Wavelengths + Low Heat Transfer

How the Technology Works

The Nano Shield Cool Roof Coat is an acrylic polymer designed to extend the life of existing roofs by up to ten years. Our competitors primarily rely on reflectivity to calculate energy savings. Our breakthrough technology is different. The Nano Shield Cool Roof Coat works by emitting 94% of the heat away from the roof while simultaneously leveraging the lowest thermal conductivity on the market to stop heat transfer through the roof. Developed through fireproofing technology, our technology can cut HVAC use by up to 45%!


Significantly lowers the internal temperature of the building

Leverages high emissivity and low thermal conductivity to deliver long lasting, demonstrable reduction in HVAC consumption, energy costs, and scope 1 carbon emissions


10 Year Warrranty

Rain-Safe in 8 hours

Excellent Adhesion and Flexibility

Superior UV Resistance

No Reportable VOCs

Spray or Roll-On Application

Wide Application Temperature Range 41°F to 200°F (5°C to 93°C)

Pigmentation Available – Can Match Branded Colors

Warranty and Technical Manual