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About NanoTech

NanoTech is the market leading technology enabler for passive fire protection and insulation.

Pervasive global demand exists for a high performing, eco-friendly, long-lasting, and easy to use fireproofing solutions. Current passive fire protection technologies, such as intumescent coatings, can be toxic, difficult to apply, and do not meet many of the needs in the field.

Additionally, the Nano Shield technology provides insulating effects to solve two unmet needs in a single technology.

The Technology

As a Fireproofing Coating

Nano Shield can be used as a coating to fireproof like no other coatings on the market:

Fireproofing to 1,800° C at minimal thickness

Spray on application and adheres to most surfaces with minimal surface prep

Environmentally friendly with no reportable volatile organic compounds

As an Insulative Coating

Nano Shield can be used as an insulative coating:

Just 5 mm of Nano Shield has the equivalent insulating properties of over 100 mm of insulating spray foam

Additionally, the coating has a high emissivity and reflects away more than 94% of the heat

The molecule can be adapted to provide both fireproofing and insulating in a single coating

As an Additive

The Nano Shield molecule can be added to existing building materials to provide both insulative and fireproofing characteristics:

Paints, resins, gypsum, cement, polymers, plastics, fiberglass and much more can be embedded with the Nano Shield molecule with minimal loading

Technology Applications

Oil and Gas

Use as a protective fireproofing coating for no smoke/toxicity and use composite materials to replace metallics.

Buildings and Construction

Fireproof as a coating or embed the Nano Shield molecule into existing building materials

Chemical Plants

Fireproof and insulate your chemical plant.  Boiler skirts, infrastructure insulation, and much more


Fireproof utility poles in fire prone areas as well as utility infrastructure

Nano Shield Can Be Used As an Additive In drywallfiberglasspaintsresinspolymersplastics to Fireproof and Insulate

The Science Behind Nano Shield

Nano Shield uses the power of Nano technology to fireproof at temperatures that very few materials can achieve.  When exposed to an impingent flame or heat flux, the particles vibrate reflecting heat away.  The internal structure ensures low density and low mass which prevents heat penetration.  The molecule can be adapted to fit the temperature needs.


The Nano Shield molecule reflects 94% of the heat that is introduced to it acting like a mirror


The thermal conductivity value (k-value) is 0.017 W/Mk, making it one of the lowest in the world


With a density of 0.39 to 0.45, both conductive and radiant heat transfers are not a problem for Nano Shield


The structural characteristics of the molecule allow for a light-weight material which dissipates heat

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